Plastics in medical devices properties requirements and applications pdf

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plastics in medical devices properties requirements and applications pdf

Plastics in Medical Devices - 2nd Edition

Download PDF. Inside the magazine. Orfeo Niedermann. Orfeo Niedermann provides insights into how connectivity enhances existing autoinjectors and adds value for users, physicians, pharma companies and insurers. SHL Group. Joe Reynolds. Joe Reynolds introduces the latest approaches and technologies — such as needle simulators — to equip patients for confident, anxiety-free self administration of parenteral drugs.
File Name: plastics in medical devices properties requirements and applications
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Published 29.12.2018

Thermoplastics and thermosets

Modern healthcare would not be possible without the use of plastic materials. Things we take for granted such as disposable syringes, intravenous blood bags and heart valves are now made of plastic. Plastics have reduced the weight of eyeglass frames and lenses.

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Plastics in Medical Devices is a comprehensive overview of the main types of plastics used in medical device applications. It focuses on the applications and properties that are most important in medical device design, such as chemical resistance, sterilization capability and biocompatibility. The roles of additives, stabilizers, and fillers as well as the synthesis and production of polymers are covered and backed up with a wealth of data tables. Since the first edition the rate of advancement of materials technology has been constantly increasing. In the new edition Dr. Sastri not only provides a thorough update of the first edition chapters with new information regarding new plastic materials, applications and new requirements, but also adds two chapters — one on market and regulatory aspects and supplier controls, and one on process validation.

Medical Grade

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Our Medical Grade product line MG includes the materials:. With Medical Grade we offer a host of modifications and colours. If your requirements are even higher, we will jointly develop with you the perfect material for your application. The extent of the tests conducted on biocompatibility varies depending on the material concerned. With Medical Grade MG materials, a product range is at your disposal that has been especially developed with medical technology in mind. All resins are high-quality materials from reputable sources. The compliance of their chemical composition with the food safety and hygiene requirements laid down by the FDA is confirmed by the manufacturers for all materials.


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  1. No book has been published that gives a detailed description of all the types of plastic materials used in medical devices, the unique requirements that the materials need to comply with and the ways standard plastics can be modified to meet such needs.

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