Diversity and inclusion in sport organizations pdf

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diversity and inclusion in sport organizations pdf

SAGE Reference - Diversity and Inclusion in Sport

We believe everybody is affected by hetero- and cis-sexism in athletics, not only queer and trans people — so we hope to collaborate with sportspeople and trainers throughout the province to create action plans on how to combat ignorance, reduce bigotry, and improve the atmosphere of inclusiveness and acceptance in athletics. Towards these goals, we offer workshops for interested and eligible groups that is, anybody involved in some type of sport, not at the professional or collegiate level. More information on these can be found below. These trainings are completely free of charge we are fortunately funded by a grant , and we are willing to travel to where you are to facilitate them, in either English or French. We would like to know where you are located, how many participants will attend the workshop, and which of the two trainings you prefer. We are looking forward to your emails and phone calls and are excited to work with you in the future! Pease contact Stephanie at sports ccgsd-ccdgs.
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Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Organizations

Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 30, , George B. Cunningham and others published Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Organizations: A Multilevel.

Managing Cultural Diversity in Sport Organizations: A Theoretical Perspective

Forgot your login information? Chapter Diversity and Inclusion in Sport. Cunningham, G. Diversity and inclusion in sport. Cunningham, George B. Russell Hoye and Milena M.

Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Organizations provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which people differ--including race, sex, age, mental and physical ability, appearance, religion, sexual orientation, and social class--and how these differences can influence sport organizations. It offers specific strategies for managing diversity in work and sport environments, provides an overview of diversity training that can be implemented in the workplace, and discusses the legal issues related to the various diversity dimensions. Grounded in research and theory, this user-friendly book emphasizes the practical applications of research findings and provides relevant sport-related examples.
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