Problems in capsule filling and remedies pdf

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problems in capsule filling and remedies pdf

Pharmaceutical Capsules Defects or Problems |authorSTREAM

The purpose of this study was to determine the factors that influence fill weight and weight variability of capsules produced on the In-Cap and to assess any differences in terms of capsule defects between gelatin and HPMC Quali-V shells. The average fill weight and coefficient of weight variation were determined. The percentage of defective capsules formed during encapsulation was calculated. Results of the study showed that pin setting was critical for controlling the fill weight and the weight variation. The order of pin setting with pin 1 closer to the powder chute set to a relatively higher position and pin 4 before ejection set to a lower position was found to give higher fill weights with relatively lower weight variability. The powder bed height influenced the fill weight for poorly flowing powders. The capsule machine speed did not appear to significantly influence the fill weight.
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Published 29.12.2018

MultiGel - Macchine per Capsule - Capsule Filling Solutions

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Answers to 10 common questions about capsule filling

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This article provides answers to common questions about capsule filling. For example : how do I determine the appropriate capsules size for my formulation?

Why are tablets and capsules preferred over other pharmaceutical dosage forms? When medications are to be administered orally to adults, capsules and tablets are usually preferred because they are conveniently carried, readily identified, and easily taken. Most filled capsules are intended to be swallowed whole However, it is fairly common in hospitals and extended care facilities for a care-giver to open capsules or crush tablets to mix with food or drink, especially for children or other patients unable to swallow solid dosage forms. This should be done only with the concurrence of the pharmacist, since the drug release characteristics of certain dosage forms can be altered and can adversely affect the patients welfare. Gelatin is obtained by the partial hydrolysis of collagen obtained from the skin, white connective tissue, and bones of animals Gelatin is stable in air when dry but subject to microbial decomposition when It becomes moist. If stored in an environment of high humidity, additional moisture is absorbed by the capsules, and they may become distorted and lose their rigid shape In an environment of extreme dryness, some of the moisture normally present in the gelatin capsule is lost, and the capsules may become brittle and crumble when handled.



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