E commerce questions and answers pdf

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e commerce questions and answers pdf

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Modern E-commerce generally use world wide web. To understand this e commerce one first need to know the basic things or basic concepts regarding it. The questions mentioned in e commerce question paper are generally asked. Pattern:- Short questions are compulsory and its of 2 marks each. Candidate can attend any five from the rest. Long questions are of 5 marks.
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E Commerce multiple choice questions and answers on E-Commerce MCQ MCQ questions quiz on E Commerce objectives questions with answer test pdf.

E-Commerce Concepts Interview Questions & Answers

E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce. It is a methodology of doing modern business and addresses the requirements of organizations, vendors, and customers to reduce the cost. It also ensures that cost reduction on commodities and improves the quality of goods and services and add on with the delivery speed. E-commerce does the exchange of business through Electronic data exchange EDI , electronic mail E-mail , electronic bulletin boards, electronic fund transfer EFT and other network-based technologies. Now, if you are looking for a job which is related to E-commerce then you need to prepare for the E-commerce Interview Questions. It is true that every interview is different as per the different job profiles.

Why our jobs site is easy for anyone to learn and to crack interview in the first attempt? These are because we the Wisdomjobs will provide you with the complete details about the visual source safe and also, we will provide the roles of the different job to apply easily. E-commerce Concepts are much in demand. There are various leading companies that offer jobs in various roles like Materials Handler E-commerce , Specialist, eCommerce Consulting, eCommerce OnBoarding Coordinator and many other roles too. To clear any interview, one must work hard to clear it in the first attempt.

Doing business electronically b. Doing business c. Sale of goods d. All of the above Answer: A. B2B b.

It also fosters the growth of the organisation by. Marks : 70 Instructions : 1 All questions are compulsory.
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E-Commerce Concepts Interview Questions And Answers






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