Dynamics of particles and rigid bodies pdf

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dynamics of particles and rigid bodies pdf

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Kinematics Of Rigid Bodies - General Plane Motion - Solved Problems

Engineering Dynamics

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Equations of Motion for an Unconstrained Particle. 68 Part II Dynamics of a System of Particles Part III Kinematics and Dynamics of a Single Rigid Body.
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Kinematics of a Particle a. Rectilinear Kinematics b. Graphical Solutions c. General Curvilinear Motion d. Curvilinear Motion: Rectangular Coordinates e.

In physics , a rigid body also known as rigid object [2] is a solid body in which deformation is zero or so small it can be neglected. The distance between any two given points on a rigid body remains constant in time regardless of external forces exerted on it. A rigid body is usually considered as a continuous distribution of mass. In the study of special relativity , a perfectly rigid body does not exist; and objects can only be assumed to be rigid if they are not moving near the speed of light. In quantum mechanics a rigid body is usually thought of as a collection of point masses. For instance, in quantum mechanics molecules consisting of the point masses: electrons and nuclei are often seen as rigid bodies see classification of molecules as rigid rotors. The position of a rigid body is the position of all the particles of which it is composed.

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