Marine engineering questions and answers pdf

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marine engineering questions and answers pdf

Marine Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Describe the vibration of machinery which is not apparent. How can you explain that the vibration is transmitted from elastic materials or components to another? What is the C. Explain magnetic amplifier. How square root can be calculated from manometer?
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Published 24.12.2018

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The maintenance, primarily supervised by the on board personnel, is then credited towards inspections required by periodic surveys. The planning and scheduling of the maintenance, as well as its documentation, must be made according to a system that is approved by Classification society like Germanischer Lloydetc. Which is now mandatory as per ISM International safety management.

Questions and Answers for Marine Engineers – Part 1

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Why self closing sounding pipes are used onboard? It may possibly regulatory but I definitely know the US Coastguard pick up on it. It is for the fact a tank may be overfilled. A self closing sounding pipe will prevent overflow. How ships are flooding?

How the priming is done in a centrifugal pumps? As centrifugal pump is not a self priming pump,separate priming arrangement is required…generally,a separate axial pump is provided for this purpose. What is the different between gate valve and globe valve? Gate valve is non regulator means full close or full open positions only, while globe valve is regulator. What is the purpose of o-ring, wearings in the centrifugal pumps? O-ring : to prevent leakage between metal parts while allowing some movement between them wear ring : generally a softer material than the parent material , employed to wear out quickly than the parent metal thereby avoiding loss of parent metal.

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