Designing and managing service processes pdf

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designing and managing service processes pdf

Service blueprint - Wikipedia

Service blueprints were first described by Lynn Shostack, a banking executive, back in in the Harvard Business Review. In addition to being useful in service design they are often used by operational management to gauge the efficiency of work within an organization. A service blueprint is, in essence, an extension of a customer journey map. A customer journey map specifies all the interactions that a customer will have with an organization throughout their customer lifecycle — the service blueprint goes a bit deeper and looks at all the interactions both physical and digital that support those customer interactions and adds a little more detail to the mix. The blueprint is usually represented in a diagram based on swim lanes each lane being assigned to a specific category with interactions linked between lanes using arrows to represent the flow of work. Service blueprints assist with service design which in turn fits into the bigger picture of brand management.
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Service blueprint & Service process explained with example

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Designing and Managing Services

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What Goes Into a Service Blueprint?

Identify key activities in creating and delivering the service 2. Distinguish between front stage and back stage Blueprinting is 3. Chart activities in sequence the key tool 4. Show how interactions between in service customers and employees are supported by backstage activities and systems designing 5. Establish service standards for each step 6. Identify potential fail points 7. Why do Jaycustomer matter?

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  1. Flowcharting Customer Service Processes! ○ Blueprinting Services to Create Valued Experiences and. Productive Operations! ○ Service Process Redesign!.

  2. The art of brand building is through creating strong brand image and brand awareness with customer.

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