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To teach advanced academics while connecting children to the good and the beautiful in life and in learning. Too many children are losing a love of learning and of wholesome, powerful literature. Learning materials and books today are also largely disconnected from God, nature, and high character—taking meaning, depth, and joy from learning. We want to change that! To make homeschooling less overwhelming and time consuming for the student and the instructor.
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Published 23.12.2018

Language Arts curriculum 2017-2018 The Good and the Beautiful

The underlying goal of The Good & the Beautiful is truly to strengthen children . This 90+ page PDF document includes Jenny's reviews for over books that.

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It is an amazing homeschool curriculum that we are sharing all about today. When you homeschool, you want to have a feeling of peace and calming in your household. You also probably want to have beautiful materials and wholesome literature that are affordable. This curriculum gives you that and so much more. Before we dive into the curriculum I want to mention we have an amazing giveaway for 3 sets of Language Art and Literature Courses. Entries for the giveaway can be found towards the bottom of the page.

Has anyone tried Jenny Phillips the good and the beautiful curriculum? It is a free curriculum that I recently found. It looks really good. I was wondering if anyone has used it and what your thoughts are. I am thinking about trying the 4th grade when it comes out this summer. We are going to look into it more when the upper elementary level comes out. Thanks for sharing about this.

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The curriculum is designed for the family to use together, covering grades 1 through GBHC draws its historical material from more than 40 history books that were written during the late s and early s. While older source material has been used, it has been rewritten somewhat for modern audiences and combined with additional, newly-written material.

Are you concerned about disrespect, inappropriate language and material, and low educational and literary value in the books your children are reading? Jenny Phillips has spent thousands of hours scouring and reviewing all genres of literature to bring you her top-recommended books for children and teens. Click here to download the Reading Level Assessment. Join The Good and the Beautiful email list, and your download will begin shortly. You will receive no more than nine emails a year announcing new releases and promotions and providing your family with free resources. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of any email with one click. Already on the list?

For the past three months we have been using The Good and the Beautiful with wonderful results. In this post I want to share with you our experience so far, and show you how to get started with The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Curriculum. There are two ways to obtain this curriculum. You can purchase a physical set, or you can get it all for free and print your own copies. I am using Level 2, and chose to use the free PDF. There are three components to this curriculum that you will need to print: the course book, the course companion, and the phonics cards.


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  1. Making homeschool beautiful and easy and bringing pure literature back to the world. What Makes The Good and the Beautiful Unique. Link to video owner's profile free download. Pre K-8 Language Arts FREE PDF Course Set: Levels 1- 5.

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