Battery questions and answers pdf

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battery questions and answers pdf

Batteries - Electrical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers

The container of the battery must be mechanically very strong and there should not be any leak. These are all the major things that we are considered while making a battery container. Hence, the above mentioned all the three material can provide the mechanical strength to the container because all the material are basically strong in nature. Active materials of a lead acid cell are spongy lead. The materials which all are participated in the electrochemical charge and discharge reaction are called as active elements of a lead acid cell. These materials include electrolyte and the positive and negative electrodes.
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Cell and Battery mcqs answer in Hindi-- ITI Electrician theory notes 1st semester important question

During the charging of a lead-acid cell a its voltage increases b it gives out energy c its cathode becomes dark chocolate brown in colour d specific gravity of H2SO4 decreases Ans: a. The capacity of a lead-acid cell does not depend on its a temperature b rate of charge c rate of discharge d quantity of active material Ans: b.

Battery: Batteries MCQs with Explanatory Answers

Cells and batteries multiple choice questions MCQs , cells and batteries quiz answers to learn online college courses for A level chemistry classes. Electrode potential MCQs , cells and batteries quiz questions and answers for online bachelor degree. Learn measuring standard electrode potential, quantitative electrolysis, electrode potentials, cells and batteries test prep for chemistry certifications. Learn electrode potential MCQ: benefits of using small cells could be, with choices lightweight, high voltage, constant voltage, and all of them for online bachelor degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning cells and batteries quiz questions for competitive exams in chemistry major. MCQ: An electrochemical cell in which a fuel gives up electrons at one electrode and oxygen gain electrons at other electrode, is known as.

Theabovestatementisassociatedwith a Newton'slaw b Faraday'slawofelectromagnetic c Faraday'slawofelectrolysis d Gauss'slaw Ans:c 2. Duringthechargingofaleadacidcell a itsvoltageincreases b itgivesoutenergy c itscathodebecomesdarkchocolatebrownincolour d specificgravityofH2SO4decreases Ans:a. Thecapacityofaleadacidcelldoesnotdependonits a temperature b rateofcharge c rateofdischarge d quantityofactivematerial Ans:b. Duringchargingthespecificgravityoftheelectrolyteofaleadacidbattery a increases b decreases c remainsthesame d becomeszero Ans:a. Theactivematerialsonthepositiveandnegativeplatesofafullychargedleadacidbatteryare a leadandleadperoxide b leadsulphateandlead c leadperoxideandlead d noneoftheabove Ans:c 7.

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