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advertising and media planning pdf


Media planning is the process of strategizing and purchasing ad placements by determining the best combination of media to achieve marketing campaign goals. Media planners are not only responsible for the initial media purchase, but also for the continued optimization of performance throughout the entire campaign lifecycle. Many times media planning will be outsourced to a media agency who is experienced in delivering ads across the best media platforms to the right people. The major driving force of a multi-channel campaign is your marketing goals and objectives. Do you want to increase overall brand awareness?
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What Is A Planner?

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The traditional approach involved targeting audiences based solely on demographics, and making a limited range of media placement decisions. In its place is a landscape where both the opportunities and challenges for the digital planner are far greater. The typical marketer now juggles a number of different tools and vendors to buy digital media. This increase in technology has led to a number of challenges that keep marketers and planners in the dark when it comes to effectively managing their digital strategy. Throughout the briefing, planning and activation stages, effective communications management starts with a deeper understanding of your audience and their consumption habits. To uncover the best approaches, we rounded up insights from agency media planners and marketers across sectors offering their two cents on where to begin. Despite the fast evolving landscape, these key factors of the media planning process have remained as important as ever.

Covering everything from TV and Radio airtime to iPlayer and BBC Homepage promotional activity, the department provides insight into how to effectively target the right audiences to achieve the desired marketing objectives. We work closely with creative and brand marketing teams and advise on all uses of inventory across the BBC portfolio as well as liaising with external media buying agencies. Utilising all available audience data, the Campaign Planner will execute the detailed planning of integrated marketing campaigns across all BBC inventory and services. You will be responsible for creating audience focused campaign plans by applying the principles of media planning, marketing and advertising strategy. You will also demonstrate an awareness and understanding of audience behaviours and convert campaign strategy into clear campaign plans for the Operations team. The Campaign Planner will allocate airtime and brief marketing teams and off air buying agencies to ensure effective integration of these plans. Ideally, you will have experience of working within a broadcasting company, advertising, media or integrated marketing agency.

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Request demo. Connected is how advertising should be. Connecting with customers is difficult. With thousands of different interests, passions and personalities, finding the right approach for each one is a tall order. And if your audience insights are based on fragmented inventory and channels, you're wasting media spend trying to guess what they want. To effectively click with customers, you need to connect the dots internally.

By combining online and TV we can reach larger audiences more effectively. High demand means pre-roll and mid-roll ads are a seller's market so we must consider all formats in order to achieve the best return on investment ROI. TV is still a very effective advertising tool. The power of video to tell stories and evoke emotions is unparalleled by any other push-media channel. Television sells and advertisers see the effect. So it was no surprise that the TV-advertising market was less affected by the recession and recovered faster than many other channels, notably print.

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