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jonathan and angela scott books

Safari Guide Books to East African Animals – and Birds – Jonathan & Angela Scott

Please refresh the page and retry. Born in London, he set out in to explore Africa, which he has called home ever since. He has lived in Kenya with his wife, Angela, who is also an award-winning wildlife photographer, for 40 years. My first job in Africa was on a houseboat called the Sitatunga in the Okavango Delta. The Okavango has always been a special place for me and it really is the jewel of the Kalahari and is one of the last, great, extensive wildernesses. There is no better place to see so many different types of wildlife.
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One Week on the Mara

When I went on safari in Kenya 2 years ago, this was the book that my safari guide used. Mostly he recognized the animals by memory, but when stuck or when.

Jonathan Scott (zoologist)

Sacred Nature is an evocative title. AS: I feel the discontent that is happening in the world today is because people have become disconnected from the force of nature. If you think about it, the people that you know, when times are difficult, they go for a walk in the woods, they seek out a green space. Wherever you are in the world, everyone has a park, everybody has a tree, everybody has some flowers they can put on the kitchen table. Most people are disconnected; they live in concrete buildings with air conditioning and heating, and no contact with nature. JS: Other life has been shut out.

Held at the prestigious May Fair Hotel in London, on a wet November night, over guests gathered from far and wide to hear wildlife celebrity Jonathan Scott celebrate his life with Big Cats whilst Dr Laurie Marker, founder of CCF, took to the stage to share insights about work on and off the field in Namibia and around to world to help save the cheetah. The fund raising evening, compered by Clive Thomas of Prestige Promotions , saw monies being raised through unique cheetah inspired auction prizes, as well as a cheetah themed raffle. She spoke about how pioneering research and conservation work have lead to cheetah numbers doubling in Namibia over the last 26 years. She also emphasized that despite so much support and positive action the cheetah remains the most endangered big cat in Africa with 6, remaining in the wild. Next, Jonathan Scott took the platform, where he shared stories about how he has lived the life of his dreams among the big cats of the Masai Mara in Kenya. He and Angie, over the last 40 years have come to know so many of the charismatic predators by documenting every detail of their lives.

The Leopard’s Tale

Jonathan and Angela Scott have spent much of their adult lives working in the greatest wildlife haven on earth: a slice of wild Africa that straddles the Kenya-Tanzania border and is known as the Mara-Serengeti. They achieve an intimacy with their subjects that is born of infinite patience and an insatiable fascination with the lives of both animals and people. To do this, we must rekindle the reverence that our hunting ancestors felt for their animal brethren. We must speak out on behalf of our last wild places and their extraordinary denizens, nurturing that indefinable sense of spirituality that is born of nature and that makes us human. It was she who kept the idea for Sacred Nature alive for many years, sparking the interest of son David, who created a design concept of extraordinary subtlety and flair. Canon Ambassadors Jonathan and Angela Scott are award-winning wildlife photographers and authors who live in Kenya. The great Serengeti National Park was the scene of happy days on safari with her family, stimulating her lifelong love affair with photography.

Cassio prompted me to think about self-publishing. I see quite a lot of people publishing one-off books these days. It is a great idea and obviously a lot of fun too, and I am sure that the people publishing them are making a good business out of it. They make great gifts and help to showcase you work in a very pleasing way to show to people — and you can print as few or as many as your pocket can afford. And there is that wonderful feeling in holding your very own book in your hands for the first time — believe me you never tire of that first glimpse of the finished product. In the old days it would have caused major problems and a lot of extra work for the designer to change things. The same is true with the computerisation of the actual printing of the book.

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