Vocabulary about books and reading

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vocabulary about books and reading

Vocabulary to talk about books and films in the IELTS Speaking exam

Why do you think this might be? Next Step? Test yourself on topic vocabulary. Thanks peter its really helpfull Great job I want more topics related to that! Once again Thanks Buddy! I find it very useful while preparing for exams. I would like to say thanks to the author who made speaking so easy.
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8+ IELTS Vocabulary about Books

IELTS Speaking Vocabulary. Books and Films

Do you read a lot? Do you love talking to other people about your favorite books? Here are 14 sentences you can say about a book you are reading or a book that you have read. You have heard about the new book, or you have just finished reading the new Harry Potter. You want to talk to other people about the new Harry Potter book.

The People an author; a novelist; a writer; a playwright; a poet; a librarian; a book-seller; a book reader. The Book Business a bestseller; a page-turner; the bestseller lists; a fast-seller; a publishing house; a book-signing tour; a digital ebook. Talk about your favourite book. You should say: — What the book is — Who the writer of the book is — What the book is about and explain why it is your favourite book. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Receptive vocabulary is what you can recognize and understand when you see it or hear it, so this is for the reading and listening portions of the test. - Reading A-Z resources organized into weekly content-based units and differentiated instruction options. Whether your students have limited oral and reading vocabulary or are English Language Learners, vocabulary words and idioms are reinforced in context through interest themes that instantly engage students as they build key vocabulary for everyday use.




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  1. Topic Vocabulary >> Lesson 9: Books and Films. It's quite possible that the examiner will ask you questions about your reading habits or ask.

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