Blake and mouton managerial grid book

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blake and mouton managerial grid book

The Managerial Grid and Behavioural Leadership -

When underutilized, people are identified as the number one waste in lean culture, so it is important businesses balance their concern for people with concern for production. The Managerial Grid , a book authored by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton in the s, does an excellent job of plotting the degree of person-centeredness versus task-centeredness by identifying five combinations of distinct leadership styles :. Other companies must have that same balance to be effective. Faith Technologies Blog. Blog News Authors. Share on Facebook Share.
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A level Business Revision - Blake Mouton Grid

Robert Blake & Jane Mouton: Managerial Grid

When you recruit a new team member, what's your priority? Is it to focus on tasks by explaining the first year's objectives to him or her? Or, do you spend time understanding his strengths and interests so you can give him tasks that he'll enjoy? No one leadership style is best for all situations, but it's useful to understand what your natural approach is, so you can develop skills that you may be missing. It's unwise to neglect either tasks or people. But, equally, a compromise between the two approaches will likely result in only average team performance, because you neither meet people's needs nor inspire excellent performance. In this article, we look at the Blake Mouton Managerial Grid, a popular framework for thinking about a leader's "task versus person" orientation.

If you are looking for one simple model that can more than pull its weight in understanding management, then look no further. Its simplicity captures vital truths about management styles and their implications. Every manager should understand the basics of the Managerial Grid. This is fundamental stuff. His studies were broken by the war, where he served in the US Army. In the early s, he began his association with his student, Jane Mouton, which led to their work together at Exxon, the development of the Managerial Grid, and co-founding of Scientific Methods, Inc in The company is now called Grid International.

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Robert R Blake

The Blake Mouton Grid

The managerial grid model is a style leadership model developed by Robert R. Blake and Jane Mouton. This model originally identified five different leadership styles based on the concern for people and the concern for production. The optimal leadership style in this model is based on Theory Y. The grid theory has continued to evolve and develop. The theory was updated with two additional leadership styles and with a new element, resilience.

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