Potato chip science book and stuff

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potato chip science book and stuff

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Expand your mind and not your waist with this bag of Potato Chip Science! With the instructions and some harder-to-find-pieces needed to complete 29 experiments and 1 edible project, kids will have a blast learning about physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science. The book inside the bag has all the instructions and science information you need: learn to build an air rocket out of potato chip bags; create a CSI detective kit to fingerprint a chip thief ; create optical illusions; grow a potato pal; and more. Any additional materials needed for the experiment are clearly listed. This Kit Contains: 1 book that includes 29 snacktivities, 5 "spreads", 1 glossary, and 6 optical stickers 1 sound chip and 1 clock 1 biodegradable starch knife 1 propulsion pipe Other items that allow you to blast bags, burn chips, spin lids, and more.
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Published 12.12.2018

Potato Chip Science

Feast on physics. Binge on biology and more. This big Bag contains an experimental world cooked up for kids who like science and snacks and snacking on science.

Chipping Away at Science: Turning the Humble Potato Chip into a Scientific Experiment

Thank you! Potatoes, potato chips and their packaging provide the materials for this entertaining, pun-filled collection of 29 science demonstrations and experiments plus one crunchy cookie recipe. The potato experiments will be familiar to science teachers but intriguing for young readers; the others offer creative uses for chip bags, lids and tubes. They include making rockets and kites, spinners demonstrating properties of sound and light, even a birdcall. The authors include explanations of the scientific principles involved, information about growing potatoes and making chips and their bags, oddities and curious facts. Recipe-style instructions and illustrations are reasonably clear.


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Much to the consternation of my wife, it became a junk food paradise. Not every experiment, like the ant colony, made it into the finished kit. Some were rejected because they were too complicated to replicate or to obtain the materials. But the shrunken potato head, the pocket-sized propulsion pipe, and the CSI Detective Kit all made the cut. While Kurzweil and Max researched the book, they faced a more difficult problem: how to manufacture the kit so that the book and all the other pieces would fit into a potato chip bag. In fact the manufacturing issue was so knotty that the book was ready a full year before the rest of the kit, despite father and son putting in annual visits to SNAXPO, the trade show for snack food professionals, where Kurzweil and Max asked lots of manufacturing questions.

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