Compare and contrast fahrenheit 451 book and movie

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compare and contrast fahrenheit 451 book and movie

Fahrenheit Book vs. Movie by Angelina Merritt on Prezi

Throughout the story, his view of life and books changes. There are numerous differences between the novel Fahrenheit and the movie of the same name, including changes in characters, depiction of details, and plot structure. The characters in the movie versus the book play an important role in the difference between the two. In the novel, Faber is a character who helps Montag understand books and helps him execute a plan to continue to safety. The character of Faber was not included in the movie. By leaving Faber out of the movie, the screenwriters miss a vital part of the plot.
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Ten differences between the book and the film of Fahrenheit 451

'Fahrenheit 451' Book Vs. Movie: How Different is HBO's Adaption From Ray Bradbury's Original Novel

Unfortunately, a recent film adaptation, co-written and directed by Ramin Bahrani and produced by HBO, takes the same idea and once again, falters. The title of the book refers to the temperature at which paper ignites, according to Bradbury, who claimed that he called up his local fire department for the information. Published 65 years ago, Fahrenheit is set in an unnamed American city in the not-too-distant future, one in which two atomic wars have already been waged. The firemen of this civilisation, of whom protagonist Guy Montag is one, perform the opposite of their traditional role: they set fire to physical books, those dangerous objects that could actually make people think for themselves. Montag, who begins to have second thoughts about his incendiary actions, surreptitiously procures some volumes to find out what the fuss is all about, and the rest of the plot concerns his awakening.

It opened my eyes to the control that government systems force upon society, plus that society will often quietly acquiese to that control. Set in a dystopian futuristic 24 th century, Guy Montag is a Fireman. The over-populated masses are controlled through censorship and media manipulation. Books are outlawed in the belief that knowledge is the cause of all discord and unhappiness. Montags job is to burn those books and the homes of the people who secretly read them.

The film, which sees Michael B. Jordan as Bradbury's protagonist, Fireman Guy Montag, is set in a dystopian city where books are illegal. Firemen, like Montag, spend their days actually starting fires instead of putting them out. More than book burning, the HBO's movie, co-written and directed by Ramin Bahrani, depicts a world where free thought and independent thinking are discouraged. In the book, television is the authoritarian government's main way to keep civilians distracted. In the new HBO film though, it's the power of the internet and social media that keeps society trapped.

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In the novel, Bradbury illustrates a society without the freedom of intellectual thinking from literature and replaces it with artificial entertainment. People in the society lack compassion or quality of. All the evidence pointed towards him as a clear match.

Although the film reiterates the themes and basis of the book, there are many differences to contrast. In examining the film and novel, one important item to note is that the same actress, Julie Christie, plays both Linda Mildred's name in the film and Clarisse. When looking at this casting decision, one can deduce that the film director, Frances Truffault, purposefully made this decision to show the audience that the women are similar in the way that they cannot continue as they are in the present society. Although the two women are dramatically different in their beliefs, Montag continually searches for signs of Clarisse's energy and enthusiasm in his wife. Montag, is not focusing upon their physical appearance; he's instead trying to find the internal wisdom and soul of the two women that he sees. Unfortunately, Clarisse dies in the book when Montag begins to understand her. However, in the film, Clarisse survives and, in fact, becomes his teacher she, in a way, replaces the character of Faber from the book who doesn't appear in the film.



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  1. [Editor's Note: The following article contains spoilers for “Fahrenheit ” — both the HBO movie and Ray Bradbury's original book.].

  2. Regardless of the differences between the film and the book upon which the film is based, both stories of Fahrenheit tackle the issues of a society that has.

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