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black white and grey book

AbeBooks: No Shades of Grey - Black & White Book Covers

Electronic book readers may be the future of publishing, but in one important respect, they're still stuck in Almost every e-book reader on the market has a black-and-white display. Most can't display more than a handful of different shades of gray. That's why display makers are racing to bring color to the world of e-books. Their goal is to make Gray's Anatomy and its more than 1, full-color illustrations as interesting as the next Dan Brown novel. The hitch is that color e-ink technologies aren't anywhere near ready for prime time.
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White Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce "Secret Relationship" book

These are external links and will open in a new window. As a black children's writer, she's already in a minority. But her debut book High-Rise Mystery, a detective story starring young black sisters and featuring a diverse cast, puts Jackson in an extra select league.

50+ Good Books With Black in the Title

One of the biggest challenges for book printers is reproducing photographs in books that are otherwise mostly text. One of the tasks of a book designer is preparing these photos so they reproduce as well as possible. Before you can understand what goes into this preparation, you need to know a little about how photographs are reproduced. Translating the gray tones of a photo into an image that can be printed with just black ink, yet still look like a photo, is accomplished by screening the photographs. Traditionally we used halftone screens, which would produce a dot pattern. Large dots—where the paper is mostly covered with ink—created dark areas of gray, while small, even tiny dots—leaving mostly paper showing—represented the light areas.

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The use of black and white has been widely used in a variety of mediums and book covers in particular have seen a resurgence of this type of design aesthetic.
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