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Synopsis : The lives of four very different women intertwine in unexpected ways in this new novel by bestselling author Jennifer Weiner Then Came You; Best Friends Forever. Each woman has a problem: Princeton senior Jules Wildgren needs money to help her dad cure his addiction; Pennsylvania housewife Annie Barrow is gasping to stay financially afloat; India Bishop yearns to have a child, an urge that her stepdaughter Bettina can only regard with deeply skepticism until she finds herself in a most unexpected situation. Interlocking dramas designed to ensnare; bound to be a bestseller. Then Came Yo u examines the issues surrounding fertility in modern society through four very different characters. Jules donates her eggs in return for the money that might help cure her father of his addictions, Annie is motivated financially to offer herself as a surrogate and India wants a child to cement the relationship with her new husband, horrifying her stepdaughter Bettina. With four protagonists, each at different stages in their lives, Weiner has created a book with mass commercial appeal.
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Then Came You book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The lives of four very different women intertwine in unexpected wa.

Then Came You

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Jennifer Weiner's ninth novel, Then Came You , follows four women on a journey that begins with an egg or rather, a cluster of them. Beautiful Princeton student Jules sells her pedigreed ova so she can send her father to rehab; frazzled, stay-at-home mom Annie chooses to be a pregnancy surrogate so she can get her family out of debt and move her life beyond the mundaneness of darning socks and watching the house crumble into disrepair. Meanwhile, India not her real name is a reinvented trophy wife who longs for a child with her older, exceptionally rich husband, Marcus Croft. And Bettina, the spanner in the works, is a stepdaughter who wants to expose her stepmother as a fraud before India can conjure up another heir to the Croft fortune, however indirectly.

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RSS Feeds. Lily Lawson is a wild, headstrong beauty who lives on the periphery of the ton and has turned a great many male heads, but so far, not one has been able to win her heart. After being let down by nearly every man in her life, she's determined to live independently on her own terms. Thanks to an inheritance from an elderly aunt, she's been able to do just that and is viewed by most as a scandalous but charming young woman. In reality, she lives only to find her missing daughter and get the child back from the man who's been blackmailing her for years. When the young man who loves her sister, Penny, comes calling, asking for Lily's help getting Penny out of an arranged marriage, Lily doesn't need the distraction but neither can she say no, especially when she discovers that Penny's betrothed is a man she believes would not be right for her timid, retiring sister. Lily vows to do whatever is necessary to break off their engagement, even if she must break her own rules to get the job accomplished.

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Now the poignant and heart-warming tale that immersed readers is out in paperback May 8. Jules is a Princeton-educated young woman who finds herself in a sad family situation which causes her to sell her eggs to help save her father before addiction takes his life. In a novel that will arrest your attention throughout, these stories will mesh together with the creativity and care that Weiner brings to all her works. With surrogacy making the headlines due to Giuliana Rancic, E! News co-host and reality star, announcing that she and husband Bill are expecting their first child via a gestational surrogate, my interest in Then Came You was sparked. A very timely story, this novel will cause both laughter and tears and provide insight into surrogacy issues.

Four very different women heading in four very different directions in life. Yet, there is one thing that bonds them. Jules, a college senior, needs money to help her alcohol addicted father get into rehab. Young housewife Annie is struggling with money, and her relationship with her husband. Gorgeous PR executive India wants a baby, and lifelong financial stability with her much older husband. I had seen the cover a few months earlier and I was intrigued by the title.

Added by 4 of our members. In the latest from 1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner, four women bound by obligation and opportunity struggle to find a way to make a family. Jules Wildgren is a Princeton senior with a full scholarship and a family she's ashamed to invite to Parents' Weekend. Tall, blond, and outwardly identical to her prep-school-educated classmates, her plan is to take the ten thousand dollars she'll receive from donating her 'pedigree' eggs and try to save her father from addiction. Annie Barrow is a working-class mother of two who scrapes by on her husband's single paycheck.

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  1. India Bishop, thirty-eight really, forty-three and recently married to the wealthy Marcus Croft, yearns for a baby for reasons that have more to do with money than with love.

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