Heroes and villains the history of comic books

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heroes and villains the history of comic books

The Golden Age Of Comics | History Detectives | PBS

Comics have been in existence since the end of the 19th century, but it was after the depression that the popularity of newspaper cartoons expanded into a major industry. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman is possibly the most recognizable comic book character to this day. The sales of comic books increased markedly during World War II. They were cheap, portable and had inspirational, patriotic stories of good triumphing over evil. The tales very much reflected the events and values of the time.
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The Marvel Universe: A History (Full Story)

Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics

Sign in. The story of how the world's first superhero came to be and how Superman's creators fought for years to receive proper credit and compensation. This installment discusses the origins of the Wonder Woman character and takes a look at the very unconventional lives of the man and women who created this iconic pop culture figure. Watch now. An exploration into the science fiction genre, with some of the greatest pioneers of the genre. Uncovers how the rise of the superhero parallels America's rise as a superpower in the 20th century, evolving through the decades into a uniquely American mythology that has captured audiences across the globe.

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50. SPAWN (Spawn)

This week Bruce helps celebrate his towns inaugural Pride Festival by talking about some transgender characters from the Golden age until present day. Special Thanks to this article by Mey Rude., Comics have a long and storied history of characters communicating directly with the reader in unique and clever ways. During the Silver Age, comics were a lot less serious about keeping continuity in its place, and no series showed that quite like Superman.

Comics historians divide the history of American comic books into ages. This timeline presents milestones, trends, and pivotal events that defined the comics medium during each of these eras. Superhero comics subsequently take America by storm. Marvel Comics predecessor Timely Comics formed in As one of the few strong female characters appearing in comic books, she becomes an icon of the liberated woman. Countless superhero tropes alter ego, origin story, rogues gallery are forged.


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  1. The history, politics, social issues and culture surrounding comic books are explored in this docuseries.

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