Psb imagine mini bookshelf speakers

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psb imagine mini bookshelf speakers

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Any small speaker at any price point above bargain basement has to be judged at two levels. The first is one that makes some allowance for the size - is it a good small speaker? It has depth and power that is far beyond what you might expect from such a compact cabinet and it can produce a truly excellent soundstage that is almost unfailingly convincing. The answer is still yes. If you have a larger cabinet, you might get a little more bass and there are speakers that can be a little tonally sweeter but the PSB is still a class act.
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Small speaker, big sound. The Imagine Mini is the smallest member of the ultra- stylish Imagine Series of speakers, but it should not be underestimated.

PSB Imagine Mini Loudspeaker (TAS 221)

I subsequently met Barton at the Audio Engineering Society Convention in Los Angeles, and, in the first of many, many conversations we were to have, learned more about loudspeaker design than I had realized there was to learn. My interview with Barton was published in our October issue. Then Came the Mini PSB's Imagine series represented an attempt to bring the benefits of the Synchrony technology to more affordable speakers. Stephen Mejias commented that "the sound of acoustic guitars was enchanting and commanding, with fine detail, impact, and emotion"; Robert Deutsch felt the launch of the Minis to be one the show's highlights. Measuring just 9.

You may not be able to tell from the picture just how small they are, but the PSB Imagine Minis are tiny. They must have different laws of physics in Canada because the scale of the sound here is at considerable odds with the size of the cabinets. The soundstage is expansive enough to challenge others at this price without being dwarfed. Instruments and vocals are given space to perform, and stereo imaging is fairly accurate. This is the one area where the speakers struggle. Watch out for the speaker terminals, which are more than a little awkward in placement.

Founded in , PSB Speakers is a Canadian company that specializes in audio equipment across the full spectrum of low- to high-end. For us, it was love at first sight. This is about as good looking a speaker as you are likely to find at this or any other price range, and it is self evident that a great deal of care and attention has gone into nailing the visual design of the Imagine Minis. Featuring curved walls and top panel, the cabinet which we tested sports a gorgeous walnut finish which really sets off the natural colors of the various materials which comprise the woofer and the matte black of the baffle. Heavy bracing on the inside of the cabinets ensures that no superfluous vibrations from inside the speakers are allowed to disturb the listening experience. All in all, it is a fantastic and subtle design.

The founder and chief engineer of PSB Speakers has had success with a few small models, but I associate him more with large, clunky tower speakers. However, Barton recently shifted his focus to lifestyle-oriented products.
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PSB has gone one better; it has created a tiny speaker that can also serve as a truly enjoyable dedicated stereo speaker in a small room. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Imagine Mini delivered genuinely engaging, musically valid performance, without veering into the tinny and fatiguing—or, contrarily, overly polite and dull—territory that most other very small speakers seem to own. - We're sorry, chat is not available at this time.



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