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around again and again books

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Shea's bestselling Hoopi Shoopi Donna and Lily of the Valley established her as a chronicler of Polish-American life with a wholesome and heartwarming, if sometimes treacly, style. Now she focuses on Robyn Panek, who returns to the Massachusetts farm where she spent childhood summers. Her Uncle Pal, too old and sickly to tend to the farm, asks her to run the pony ring for one last summer before he sells the property. Robyn obliges, and finds herself haunted by memories of betrayal. During her last summer on the farm, year-old Robyn, readying for college in the fall, befriended boarder Lucy Dragon, a disturbed teenager sent by her parents to reap the psychological benefits of living in a rural setting. While Lucy and Robyn became fast friends, roaming the farm and its environs with Robyn's boyfriend, Frankie, the summer ended in heartbreak: a neighbor's baby vanished and Robyn realized that neither Lucy nor Frankie were what they seemed. Now, 22 years later, both Lucy and Frankie resurface to make amends.
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S even years ago, Connie Maglio was restless in retirement. When the store closed in , Maglio took custody of all the books, placing them in storage while she figured out what to do with them. I have too much energy to stay at home. She told her friend Alecia Sheerin about her plan out of the blue one night over dinner. The two friends found a location they liked in a tiny strip mall on Philadelphia Pike, and Maglio invested a chunk of her retirement and an inheritance from a late friend into renovations. Despite the slow start, the store has made a small-but-steady profit, and nearly new customers have signed up for the new store credit system—this time, unlike many of the customer credit index cards, with contact information included. Maglio is overflowing with ideas for the future.


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